Examples on how to build brand identity with advertising

Chipotle’s first ever commercial released during the 2012 Grammy’s created a mega buzz in the advertising and social media community. Titan Data Printing & Mailings Services, Inc., a leader in identity branding, graphic design, and advertising, discusses the importance of this ad for their brand identity. The Grammy’s, known for celebrities and glamour, may be [...]

Mortgage Market and Harp 2.0

Harp 2.0 has the potential to be the next huge Re-Fi  Boom by allowing underwater borrowers with good credit and no late payments on history to refinance. Mortgage brokers are scrambling to find ways to market to this valuable demographic, and Titan Data Printing & Mailings Services, Inc., discusses their strategies to generate qualified leads. [...]

Super Bowl XLVI Just a few days away, Local Businesses Are Reaching Out to Graphic Designers

The Super Bowl drives in substantial revenue to businesses of all sizes around the country. Finding the right designer to create a brand that appeals to their target market is the difference between the success or failure of an advertising campaign. Titan Data Printing & Mailings Services, Inc., discusses the impact of the Super Bowl [...]

What Are the Costs of a Direct Mail Campaign?

Direct Mail has historically proven to be (and still is) one of the most effective forms of mortgage advertising. Without the proper knowledge of the costs of a direct mail campaign, a business may dismiss it as ‘out of my budget’. While the initial investment may be high, the ROIcan be well worth it. Other [...]

Be aware of phony direct mail campaigns

Every great product always has counterfeits. The direct mail industry is no different. A recent research study by Titan Data Printing & Mailings Services revealed that there are companies who make a living off of selling copycat mail pieces. Various websites were found that take other people’s successful mail campaigns, archive them in a library, [...]

Costs On a Direct Mail Campaign

Titan Data Printing & Mailings Services, Inc. discusses ways to cut postage costs on a direct mail advertising campaign The U.S. Postal Service in response to their ongoing financial difficulties raised the postal rates on January 22, 2012. This affects first class single and bulk mail by raising the cost 1 cent per piece (in [...]

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