Driving Qualified Prospects to Your Website with Direct Mail: Part 1

Everyone has a secret weapon in his or her back pocket. This weapon is direct mail. In this three part series, we’ll explore how to best execute web and direct mail efforts together to drive qualified prospects to your site. The web world seems to have taken the lead in the mortgage industry. More companies [...]

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3 Mortgage Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Successful marketing isn’t achieved easily. Every detail in your plan must be thoroughly thought out, especially the main message being delivered to your prospects. Weak messaging will be ignored; while messaging that comes off as too aggressive will turn your prospects off. There’s an art in finding that ‘happy medium;’ the sweet spot that hooks [...]

Five More Tips to Help You Create an Effective Mortgage Marketing Plan

All good mortgage marketing efforts begin with a plan. Simple right? Not always. Sometimes the hardest part of getting started is getting the planning done.  Each year, your planning should begin by asking what your goals are. How many loans do you plan on closing? What areas of business do you need to build up [...]

Mortgage Industry: Change on the Horizon

It’s becoming more evident that change is coming to the mortgage industry. The record low rates are coming to an end, and lenders will soon see, if they aren’t already, an industry-wide shift away from a refinancing market to a purchase-driven market. With these changes, a trend is emerging on the lender side of business. [...]

Direct Mail in 2013 Part 3: It’s All in the Details

So far in this three-part series, we’ve discussed the cost benefits of using direct mail and the importance of designing your direct mail piece to fit your audience and capture their attention. Today, we finish our direct mail discussion by covering some of the basic, yet most important, elements that contribute to a successful direct [...]

Direct Mail in 2013: Part 2: The Complete Package

The direct mail piece you choose is a reflection of your company. In such a competitive world, where marketers are vying for our attention everyday, companies look for a competitive advantage to help them stand out amongst the clutter. Today, we dive into the look of your mail piece and why it’s so important to [...]

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Direct Mail in 2013: Part 1

This blog post begins a three-part series about direct mail in today’s age. All too often we forget about the importance, and effectiveness, direct mail can bring to our marketing mixes. If executed properly, direct mail can bring your business much success. Yielding the Lowest Cost-Per-Lead Today, when we think marketing, our minds tend to [...]

Social Media in the Mortgage Industry

Social media has become a natural part of our everyday lives. Whether we are at home or at work, social media is present around us. Businesses of all sizes have benefited from the easy-to-use features of social media, and virtually every field has been affected, mostly positively, by the visibility and usability that a social [...]

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