Direct Mail: 70 Percent of Your List With 100 Percent of the Results

Prepairing apple pie Most of the time, direct mailing to your entire list makes sense. However, there are certain circumstances that should be considered to only target certain segments on your list. Sometimes, eliminating segments and reinvesting that capital on people who are more likely to respond is a better use of your [...]

5 Steps to Prevent Customer Churn

4 stage of a dandelion combined into one image isolated on black background All too often, marketers are set on attracting and engaging new prospects. They want so badly to build this new prospect list up that they forget the old business adage that reminds us ‘it’s cheaper to keep old customers than [...]

5 More Sales Tactics that Should Be Avoided

Talk, talk, talk…and No Listening Selling can bring about mixed emotions in sales reps. Some reps get so excited or nervous that they try to drive the sale by pitching or talking. Customers don’t want to hear you talk. They want to know that you want to listen to what they have to say. Selling [...]

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5 Common Sales Tactics to Avoid

No matter how long you have been in sales, make sure that you are not falling victim to these five common selling errors.  Addressing objections before they arise It’s smart to anticipate objections that your customer might have, but never bring them to the surface if they aren't already there. By addressing a possible objection [...]

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Three Compliance Problems in the Mortgage Origination Application

Recently, Quality Mortgage Services, a provider of mortgage banking and compliance solutions in the industry, conducted a quality control audit and review of thousands of loans. They began noticing reoccurring problems during the mortgage origination application process. Below are the top three compliance problems they found for 2012. Incomplete information on the initial 1003 Application. The problem being noticed [...]

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Lead Generation: Factors to Consider Before You Buy Your Mortgage Leads

So you are working on your mortgage marketing plans for next year, and the time has come to invest in lead companies. How do you know which is the right choice for you? Finding a lead company is not easy and requires some research to find the ‘perfect’ match. Everyone claims to be the best, [...]

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7 Ways to Make Your Website Unappealing

You have put a lot of work into your marketing material.  After hours of research, you have strategized how to effectively communicate your message to your target prospects. Your content is more personal and geared toward your market. But when it comes to your website, your content needs to be written differently than what you [...]

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Hit the Campaign Trail Running: Mortgage Marketing

Over the years, we have all become accustom to a world of battling politics. Every election comes with its share of expensive, complex marketing campaigns that vie for the attention of our country. For months we are submerged by commercials, phone calls, direct mail, radio spots, etc. The repetition and persistence can become quite overbearing, [...]

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Driving Qualified Prospects to Your Website with Direct Mail: Part 3

Today, we finish our three part blog series on incorporating direct mail into your marketing efforts to increase the visitors on your site.  Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse As with any direct mail marketing, it’s only effective if it includes an offer. If your direct mail piece doesn’t have offer, what is the [...]

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Driving Qualified Prospects to Your Website with Direct Mail: Part 2

In our last blog we began exploring how powerful direct mail marketing can be when trying to bring new prospects to your website. With the advances of today’s direct mail lists, and the proper use of seduction in your mail piece, you are on your way to developing a powerful campaign. Power of Branding Just [...]

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