Spring Cleaning Your Email Contacts

Okay, so it’s not quite time to begin your Spring-cleaning, but it never hurts to think about how best to market to your database of email contacts. It’s important to market to your database on a regular basis, but you should avoid having a repetitive message to your list over and over again. Use the [...]

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Sales Tips for Mortgage Lenders: Social Media, Direct Mail and Advertising

No matter how long you've been in the business, your most valuable tools are your sales techniques. Let’s take a look at some helpful approaches that could help you fine-tune your approach and ultimately increase your business. Traditional Advertising You've heard the age-old saying, “If it ain't broke, don’t fix it.” This saying couldn't be [...]

Testing the “We” In Your Marketing Materials

You have spent hours, days, maybe even months perfecting your marketing materials. You have different pieces geared toward different audiences. But are these pieces truly focused on ‘them’ or have you fallen victim to creating materials that are full of ‘we?’ Most of your target audiences only care about how you can help them solve [...]

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Social Media: Seven Ways to Let the World Know You Exist Online

You've worked hard to make your website the best representation of your business and brand. You've written content that sells who you are and why potential clients should work with you. You've provided material that is engaging and informational. You've done all the necessary steps to ensure your website is a successful marketing tool. But [...]

Online Marketing: The Ever Changing Game of Social Media and web presence

Anymore, it seems like it’s impossible to keep up with the ever-changing web marketing tactics that exist. While they do change with a blink of an eye, it isn’t impossible to keep your online marketing up to par. Even with change, the internet is a great place to market because the barrier to entry and [...]

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Delivering the Best Direct Mail Piece to Your Prospects

Each week, your prospects are busy receiving mail everyday. Here are seven suggestions that will help your direct mail piece stand out amongst the junk and prove effective. ⦁    Personalization. ‘Dear Stacey’ hits home better than ‘Dear Neighbor.’ Use the word ‘You’ often, and don’t be afraid to incorporate personalized details into your messaging. Something [...]

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Mortgage Marketing: Building Relationships With Attorneys and Financial Planners for New Referrals

For any mortgage business, it’s important to build referral relationships with real estate agents and past clients. And no matter the climate you live in during these winter months, this is a great time to devote extra time and effort into providing some TLC for these existing relationships, as well as cultivating new ones. When [...]

3 Tactics to Keep from Losing Your Customers to Trigger Leads

You just started working with a new customer and already they are getting calls and direct marketing pieces from your competitors trying to undersell you. While the enemy may seem to be your competitor, the real culprit is the trigger lead. When you pull someone’s credit, the credit bureau may sell your borrower’s information to [...]

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