The Ugly Word: Marketing

Let’s face it. Many people have a negative perception of the word marketing. Oftentimes the connotation is that in marketing, people are subjected to advertising or promotions that are unappealing or not geared toward them. This is particularly the case with mortgage marketing where the implication is often that the content is disingenuous or even [...]

6 Ways to Ensure Your Mobile Email Campaign Fails

Obviously, you want your email campaign to be a hit with your market. And with 40% of emails now being opened on mobile devices, you want to make sure that it’s equally as successful with mobile devices as it is on users’ laptops. Below are some common pitfalls of mobile email campaigns and ways to [...]

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The Value of Consistency: Direct Mail Marketing

With any marketing initiative, there is value in being consistent—meaning not only trying to drum up business when times are tough, but also remaining in touch with your business contacts and potential leads during times of economic upswings. A consistent approach—one that is dedicated, focused, and determined—will serve your marketing efforts well. Additionally, once you've [...]

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The Three Foundations of Mortgage Marketing: Part 3: Media

In parts 1 and 2 of our 3-part series, we identified the first two foundations of mortgage marketing—identifying your market and creating an effective advertising message. Now we’ll focus on the third essential, media. By media, we mean the method you’ll choose to get your message to market. Generally, there are 3 basic categories: Radio/Television [...]

The Three Foundations of Mortgage Marketing: Part 2: Message

In part 1 of our 3-part series, we identified the first important foundation of mortgage marketing, your market—the people in your sphere of influence who are likely to use your services. Here, we discuss the message. Essentially, your message answers the question of why someone should do business with you of all the mortgage brokers [...]

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The Three Foundations of Mortgage Marketing: Part 1: Market

The critical components of successful Mortgage Marketing are identified in this 3-part series. First, there is the Market, a reference to your target audience. Your market consists of those people who are in your sphere of influence—for instance, friends, family members, colleagues, past associates, etc. As you know, most new business comes from referrals. Therefore, [...]

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Customer Service Tips that Work

Providing customers with exceptional customer service is often the key to not only retaining clients but also to finding new ones. And in today’s competitive mortgage marketplace, those who can’t meet customer expectations often lose business. In fact, studies show that 95% of consumers tell others when they experience poor customer service. Fortunately, there’s good [...]

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Mortgage Marketing: Boosting Your Search Engine Success with Title Tags

In the competitive world of mortgage brokering, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your website appears at the top of search engine results. While you could employ an SEO gun-for-hire, why not try this easy technique and see how it impacts your search engine results? Simply modify your title tags [...]

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