LinkedIn: A Valuable Resource for Small Businesses

The past decade has seen the explosion of social media, as more and more individuals are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But the benefits of social media aren't just for individuals. Social media—and in particular, LinkedIn—offers many advantages to those trying to grow their businesses. Consider the following statistic: 77% of B2B companies in [...]

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Appreciate Your Employees with these Cost Saving Ideas

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and employees are no different. In fact, studies show that more than half of employees would leave their current job for a company where their efforts were clearly appreciated. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make your employees feel valued that cost little but mean a lot. [...]

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6 Tips for Creating Better Mortgage Marketing Letters

A successful mortgage marketing letter is a great way to capture new leads. But oftentimes, letters in this industry can come across as dull and lackluster. Fortunately, we have some great ideas for improving the content of your mortgage marketing letters. Read below for our top tips: Don’t Be Boring. You only have a few [...]

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Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

These days, content marketing is all the rage. But what is it? Simply put, content marketing refers to compelling content that is created to add value for your consumers, rather than hitting them over the head with blunt sales tactics. Content marketing can be very effective if done correctly. For instance, most consumers say they [...]

Six Important Landing Page Design Tips

People spend an average of 3-5 seconds viewing a landing page and if something doesn't strike them as interesting, they move on. That’s why it’s so important to create an effective landing page that appeals to your customer base at first glance. And it goes without saying that the better your landing page is designed, [...]

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Get More Bang for Your Buck with Marketing Automation

In the mortgage industry, how well you market yourself can be the difference between achievement and lackluster results. And while marketing automation makes selling yourself easier, there are some key things to consider if you want to be successful with it. But before we go any further, let’s clarify what automated marketing is. Quite simply, [...]

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Energy Saving Tips for Telecommuters

Approximately 45 million Americans telecommute at least one day a week. If you’re one of them, you may find that your electric bill has increased since you began using your home office. Fortunately, there are some excellent energy saving tips for telecommuters that can slash utility costs while having a beneficial impact on the environment. [...]

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5 Marketing Ideas for the New Year

With the new year upon us, you’ve probably thought about how you’d like to grow your business in 2014. If that’s your goal but you’re still struggling to identify a strategy, here are some useful marketing ideas to help you generate additional revenue this year. Start a Newsletter. It can’t be said often enough how [...]

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