5 Tips to Improve the Success of your Direct Mail Campaigns

   Are your direct mail pieces getting lackluster results?  If so, you’ll want to take advantage of the time-honored tips         below for achieving greater direct mail success:  Offer Something for Free. Getting things for free is a great motivator.  Say that you’re sending out a direct mail piece  to likely first-time home buyers. [...]

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Mortgage Marketing: Ideas for Lead Generation

In the mortgage broker business, the name of the game is lead generation.  If you’re looking to devise new strategies for attracting clients, we have ideas to help make the process easier.  Consider trying some of the following: Generate a List Think of the people who you come into contact with over the course of [...]

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Emerging from a Sales Slump

Every salesperson experiences a sales slump at one point in his career.  While upsetting, sales slumps can be a great time for evaluating your sales process and making improvements.  To help you do that, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for how you can break out of your slump and reinvigorate your sales: Return to [...]

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Social Media Headaches: What to Do When Great Content Doesn’t Deliver

 Many small businesses feel that they’re not seeing the value that they would like in their social media efforts.  They may be regularly posting on Twitter, but their comments aren’t being retweeted.  It could be that they’re generating great content on Facebook, but they don’t have very many followers.  If this is something that you’ve [...]

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Mortgage Marketing: Nurturing Your Leads

Let’s say that you have a number of promising leads in the pipeline but none of them seem ready to use your services just yet.  Naturally, you don’t want to throw in the towel and write them off.  So, how can you engage with your leads in a manner that  will increase the likelihood that they [...]

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5 Tips to Get a Prospect to Return Your Call

It can be very frustrating when you fail to get a prospect on the phone.  Worse still is when your prospect doesn't return your call after you leave a voice mail.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to increase the likelihood that you’ll get a response from your prospect.  Below we list out [...]

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Social Selling: A Primer

More and more, social selling is becoming increasingly important.  For one thing, your prospects are likely to be using the 3 main social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and having a presence on these sites gives you the opportunity to engage with them.  For another, your competitors are most likely already using social selling. [...]

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The Most Critical Entry in Your CRM

 Entering information into a CRM is time-consuming which often causes people to take shortcuts.  This can actually hurt  your business, because the CRM can provide critical information that will make or break a sale.  Specifically, we would like  to talk about the most important field in your CRM, the reason behind why a client might [...]

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Markeitng & Sales Blues: Putting a Bad Day behind You

If you are in marketing and sales we have all had those days that make us want to crawl into bed and turn the lights off as soon as we get home from work.  Maybe we have spent the afternoon dealing with an angry client, have prospects dodging our calls, or got yelled at by [...]

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Markeitng & Sales Blues: Putting a Bad Day behind You

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