4 Tips for Nurturing Relationships with Realtors

Most mortgage brokers view leads from realtors as critical to their business.   As such, they often spend a lot of time reaching out to new realtors and trying to develop relationships with them.  However, it’s important not only to obtain new realtor referral partners, but it’s also a good idea to nurture the existing relationships that [...]

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4 Direct Mail Marketing Myths Busted

Direct mail for mortgage companies can be an effective tool for mortgage professionals looking to attract new clients.  Unfortunately, there are a number of myths about direct mail that may be holding you back from using it.  Below we examine and dispel some of the most common myths that brokers have about direct mail: 1) Direct Mail [...]

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Make Time for Mortgage Marketing

In the hustle and bustle of a busy workday, mortgage marketing often falls by the wayside.  In fact, it’s typically one of those activities that mortgage brokers engage in only when they have free time on their hands.  Yet marketing your mortgage business can yield tremendous dividends and as such, it shouldn’t just be approached [...]

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4 Creative Marketing Ideas for Mortgage Brokers

Marketing is an important function for any mortgage broker but at times, it can be difficult to devise new, innovative strategies for attracting clients.  If you feel like your marketing is in a rut, we have some creative marketing ideas for mortgage brokers to help you get inspired and to reenergize your marketing efforts: 1. Offer [...]

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Top Tools for Mortgage Brokers: Social Media Management

Part 3 of 3 In this series, we’re reviewing some of the top technology tools that are available to assist you with your online productivity.  Today we’re examining social media tools for mortgage brokers, an important resource for any mortgage professional: inboxQ Want to find out which people are asking questions about mortgage services?  This free [...]

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Top Tools for Mortgage Brokers: Email Service Providers

Part 2 of 3 In our previous post, we took a look at some of the top marketing automation programs available.  Today we’re going to examine more tools for mortgage brokers: email service providers (ESPs).  If you’re not using email to drive your marketing initiatives, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to grow your [...]

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Top Tools for Brokers:  Mortgage Marketing Automation

Part 1 of 3 There are a number of tools to make it easier to market your business, but are you taking advantage of them?  If not, perhaps it’s because you feel overwhelmed by all of the options available.  In part 1 of our 3-part series, we’ll narrow the field for you by identifying some [...]

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How to Generate More Online Leads

A lot of mortgage brokers will pay little attention to acquiring more online leads, instead focusing on realtor referrals.  However, making realtor connections can be a time-consuming process.  In this post, we’ll show you how you can skip the referral and target the consumer directly by generating leads online via your website. Identify Your Audience.  [...]

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