3 Social Media Myths Busted

As a mortgage broker, you’ve probably heard that social media is a “must” to market your business.  While it’s true that social media can be a useful marketing tool, there exist a number of myths about it, which may be holding you back from using social media successfully.  Keep reading below about 3 social media myths [...]

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Get your Marketing Plan ahead of the Game!!

Start 2015 off right and get your marketing planned now! For over 15 years we've witnessed that 70% of companies who have mail in circulation the first week of January close 25% more loans that month than those that only start mailing when they return to work the first week. Get your marketing in and [...]

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LinkedIn Tips for Mortgage Professionals

Did you know that research shows that salespeople who use social media are more likely to surpass their sales quotas than those who don’t?  For mortgage brokers looking to take advantage of that statistic, LinkedIn is a great resource.  With over 259 million registered users, it’s the largest professional online networking site in the world. [...]

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Successful Mortgage Broker Tips: Persistence Pays Off

As a mortgage broker, how persistent are you?  Do you follow up with potential clients who haven’t returned your calls?  After sending an email campaign, do you get in touch with the recipients a few days later to follow up?  Similarly, if you engage in a direct mail campaign, do you spend time phoning the [...]

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Email Subject Line Tips for Mortgage Professionals

In email marketing, the subject line of your email can make or break your mortgage email campaign.  In fact, statistics show that 33% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.  With that in mind, your subject line needs to be well-written and follow the email subject line tips below: Avoid spam-triggering filters [...]

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4 Ways to Develop Greater Confidence

Again and again, mortgage salespeople are told that confidence is one of the keys to success.  Confidence helps mortgage salespeople to view challenges as opportunities, to overlook temporary setbacks, and to ultimately believe that they’ll close deals.  But for new salespeople, developing a confident mindset can take time.  To help you speed up the process, [...]

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5 Critical Soft Skills for Mortgage Salespeople

  Soft skills can make the difference between a so-so mortgage salesperson and a phenomenal one.  In fact, Dr. Rich Handley studied 1,100 salespeople and concluded that those with the strongest soft skills hit 100% of their goals or more 95% of the time. Ultimately, Handley identified 5 critical soft skills that made them successful mortgage [...]

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