5 Main Reasons that Mortgage Salespeople do not Succeed

Exhausted businessman holding a telephone in his office Ever wondered what separates top performing salespeople from those at the bottom?  Is it attitude, discipline, organization, or something else?  Dave Kurlan and the Objective Management Group took a look at exactly that and determined that there are 5 key reasons that mortgage salespeople do [...]

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Overcoming Call Reluctance: Part 2 of 2

Office Environment in a diverse office In part 1 of our 2-part Overcoming Call Reluctance series, we discussed how common call reluctance is among salespeople (at least 40% of you have probably experienced it before) and how damaging it can be to sales.  Unfortunately, it’s so detrimental to salespeople that Behavioral Sciences Research [...]

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Overcoming Call Reluctance: Part 1 of 2

While you may not have heard the term call reluctance before, there’s a good chance that  you’ve experienced it at least once in your career—research shows that it’s affected 40% of high-performing salespeople to an extent that they’ve considered abandoning the sales profession.  So what is it?  Call reluctance refers to those times when salespeople [...]

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How to Overcome Procrastination

Napoleon Hill once said, “Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”  This depiction is something all of us can relate to, but unfortunately for mortgage brokers, it can be particularly detrimental to sales growth.  For instance, it might mean not [...]

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5 Closing Mistakes that Mortgage Brokers Make

Want to close more often?  Of course you do.  Increase your odds of a successful close by familiarizing yourself with some of the most common closing mistakes that mortgage brokers make when they’re trying to close: Attempting to Close at the Wrong Time.  If you try to close too soon in the process, you run [...]

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Are You Struggling with Motivation?

The mortgage industry can be a competitive one, and it’s natural to feel burnt out from time to time.  That’s why it’s important to breathe new life into your efforts when you’re starting to feel uninspired.  As salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does [...]

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4 Tips for Handling Inbound Leads

Inbound leads can be extremely useful to the aspiring mortgage broker if they’re handled correctly.  Below we present some industry best practices that will help you transform inbound leads into satisfied clients: Respond Quickly.  You’ve probably heard the phrase before, “The early bird catches the worm.”  Inbound leads are no different.  The faster your response [...]

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The Right Way to Use LinkedIn InMail Feature

If you haven’t used social media to any great extent, you may not be aware of how LinkedIn can be extremely beneficial for finding new prospects.  For instance, with LinkedIn inMail service, you can communicate on a personal level with new people in a way that is more successful than traditional email.  In fact, InsideSales.com [...]

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Crackdown on Deceptive Mortgage Ads: Part 2 of 2

In part 1 of this series, we reported the recent crackdown that the government has made on mortgage lenders and brokers that engage in deceptive mortgage ads.  Of course, this raises concern for all mortgage brokers—how can you promote your services without inadvertently violating the guidelines set forth by the FTC?  Fortunately, it’s easier than [...]

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Crackdown on Deceptive Mortgage Ads: Part 1 of 2

The government has taken a special interest lately in identifying and preventing deceptive mortgage ads in the mortgage industry.  According to a recent press release, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) conducted a review of roughly 800 mortgage advertisements for mortgage loans, reverse mortgages, and refinancing; the ads were found [...]

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