Mortgage Salesmen: Do Not Lose Your Cool

Businessman siting on a bench with his stuff packed in a box. Have you ever wanted to make your sales quota so badly that you obsessed over it?  Everyone can relate to that feeling of wanting something so much that the thought of not getting it causes us to break out in a [...]

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Increase Mortgage Sales with Passion and Positive Demeanor

Want to get an edge on your competition?  Consider the latest research coming from the book, Hacking Sales:  The Playbook for Developing a High Velocity Sales Machine.  The book suggests that displaying a positive demeanor—and portraying your passion—can be very beneficial to increase mortgage sales. Consider a study done on tipping in hotels.  Researchers were trying [...]

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Copywriting Tips for Mortgage Lenders

As a mortgage lender, you probably don’t see yourself as a budding copywriter.  However, there are probably times that to market yourself, you need to do your own copywriting.  Rather than regard this as a laborious chore, we have some copywriting tips for mortgage lenders that will make the job easier the next time you [...]

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5 Mistakes that Will Doom Your Direct Mail Campaign

When you use direct mail campaign as a marketing strategy, you typically invest a lot of money upfront.  There’s the cost of the mailing list, perhaps the expense of the graphic designer, the price of the mailer itself, and of course, the money spent on postage and handling.  Because you’re making such a significant investment, [...]

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Why You Should Consider Niche Mortgage Marketing

Elevated View of People --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis You’ve probably heard the phrase, “you can’t be all things to all people,” but have you ever heard salespeople say, “you can’t be all things to all prospects?”  This tends to be an atypical way of looking at things in sales where the [...]

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5 Tips for a More Successful Mortgage Sales Meeting

So, you’ve finally managed to nail down a meeting with that prospect you’ve been courting.  Congratulations!  However, as you know, being a successful mortgage lender is about more than just getting the meeting—you also have to sell the prospect once they walk through the door.  To better your odds, we have some successful mortgage sales [...]

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How Emotions Impact the Mortgage Sales Process

It’s tempting to conclude that people act rationally all of the time.  However, that is rarely the case and even the most logical person makes decisions based on emotion.  Psychology Today explains this by referring to research done by Antonio Damasio.  In his book, Descartes Error, the professor of neuroscience at the University of Southern [...]

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Questioning: A Great Tactic for Closing Mortgage Deals

Mortgage lenders have a variety of techniques that they use for closing mortgage deals but far and away, the most effective strategy is to ask the right questions.  By being a great listener—and asking probing questions—you are getting to the heart of why the prospect is considering a deal (i.e. what he hopes to gain [...]

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Overcoming 5 of the Most Common Sales Objections

The bad news is that as a mortgage lender, you will hear these most common sales objections time and time again.  The good news is that having heard them often enough, you’ll learn how to deal with them effectively so you’re more likely to close the deal.  Let us help you by addressing the best [...]

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Reaching Consensus with your Mortgage Sales Team

The cohesion of your mortgage sales team is critical to sales success.  In fact, a recent People First article suggests that an inability to reach team consensus is one key warning sign that your team might be losing its effectiveness.  The reason for this is simple.  When individuals share a common goal, decision making is [...]

By | June 2nd, 2015|Sales People, Selling|
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