5 Very Easy Things You Can Do to Increase Mortgage Sales

Like every salesperson, you want to increase mortgage sales.  However, we bet that when you imagine doing so, your thoughts run to very big tasks you’d need to undertake—a new marketing campaign, spending more time prospecting, devoting another 5 hours a week to networking, etc.   While all of those things are useful, we’d like [...]

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LinkedIn Tips that Will Improve your Sales Skills

LinkedIn can be an important tool for increasing sales—it allows you to develop new business connections, establish yourself as an industry authority, and present your business in the best possible light.  That said, you’re probably wondering how you can use LinkedIn to your competitive advantage.  Check out our top LinkedIn tips for maximizing your success: [...]

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Overcome Failures with Cognitive Reframing

Have you ever met with a prospect, tried to close the deal, and gotten a negative reaction?  Of course you have—this type of thing happens to every salesperson from time to time.  However, what sets successful salespeople apart from their average-performing peers is how they view “failures” like this.  Essentially, there are 2 ways to [...]

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5 Email Mistakes to Avoid

While email can offer an excellent ROI—4300% according to the Direct Marketing Association—that’s only if it’s done well.  To avoid making critical errors that will reduce your ROI, check out the top 5 email mistakes that marketers make to learn what NOT to do: Not Optimizing for Mobile.  Roughly 50% of people check their emails [...]

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of First Impressions in Direct Mail

When you receive direct mail, you probably glance at it and formulate an immediate impression of its value to you.  In just moments, you make this determination by considering the following: Is it attractive and professional in appearance? Does the business appear to be a legitimate one? Is this a product or service that I [...]

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3 Reasons Why Mortgage Lenders Should Use Email Marketing

If you haven’t used email marketing yet, perhaps it’s time to start.  Consider marketing guru Seth Godin’s recent experience.  He reports, “I just looked at the stats for my [new] course.  22% of the traffic came from my blog.  74% came from email and RSS.  4% came from social media.”  As you can see, social [...]

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What Top Mortgage Lenders Know

What makes best mortgage lenders stand out?  Is it charisma?  Dedication?  Enthusiasm?  Well, all of those attributes help.  However, we believe that there are some things that top mortgage lenders know that makes them sell significantly more than their peers:  You Have to Ask for the Sale/Referral. Here’s a shocking statistic for you.  While 91% [...]

Creating Content to Attract Leads

Many mortgage lenders are surprised to learn how useful creating content to attract leads can be.  Yet statistics show that 90% of consumers find custom content useful, buyers go through about 57% of the purchasing process before ever talking to a salesperson, and inbound leads have a 14.6% close rate while outbound marketing leads only [...]

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4 Tips for Overcoming a Mortgage Sales Slump

Overcome the difficulties With summertime upon us, you might be experiencing a mortgage sales slump.  It happens.  Most people take vacation at this time of year, and the focus on fun in the sun can lead to a temporary decrease in sales.  However, there are ways to overcome a summer mortgage sales slump [...]

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5 Daily Habits of High-Performing Mortgage Salespeople

Want to know what differentiates high-performing mortgage salespeople from their more average-performing peers?  Along the way, they’ve developed habits that support their success.  Below we identify some of the most common daily habits among high-performing mortgage salespeople.  Planning.  High-performing mortgage salespeople don’t approach their day haphazardly.  Instead, they set goals for what they want to [...]

By | August 4th, 2015|Sales People, Selling|
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