The Link between EQ and Mortgage Sales Success

EQ—or emotional intelligence—is what author Colleen Stanley refers to as the “ability to identify, assess and control your own emotions and other’s emotions.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is a high link between EQ and mortgage sales success.  According to Inc., “when L’Oreal started hiring salespeople based on emotional competency, the high EQ reps outsold the traditional [...]

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5 Habits of Top Mortgage Salespeople

Ever wonder what makes some people able to sell ice to an Eskimo?  By and large, it’s because top mortgage salespeople practice certain habits that ensure their success.  Below we identify those habits that set the best sales professionals apart from their average-performing peers: Positive Attitude.  Top mortgage salespeople tend to have optimistic outlooks.  This [...]

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Our Top Tips for Turning Mortgage Prospects into Clients

Want to turn more of your mortgage prospects into clients?  Check out our top tips for doing so: Listen.  All too often, salespeople believe that the more they talk, the greater the likelihood that they’ll close that deal.  Yet high-performing salespeople know that listening is just as important as talking.  Mortgage prospects will often disclose [...]

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Mortgage Direct Mail is NOT Dead

For a long time now, forecasters have predicted the death of mortgage direct mail, as the Internet and social media have exploded in popularity.  And yet, today direct mail is alive and well and doing just fine, contrary to all negative expectations.  There are a number of reasons for this. For one thing, mortgage direct [...]

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Obtaining Mortgage Inbound Leads with QR Codes

If you’re unfamiliar with QR codes, they are an abbreviation for Quick Response Codes.  Essentially, they are black-and-white bar codes that users can scan with smartphones to visit a web page, receive a coupon, download an app, etc.  While this is an untraditional form of marketing for lenders, QR codes present a great opportunity to [...]

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4 Mortgage Prospecting Tips that Yield Results

As a mortgage lender, you know that it’s important to continually have prospects in your sales pipeline so you don’t find yourself triggering a bad sales month.  Below we offer our top mortgage prospecting tips that are guaranteed to help you find new sales clients: Contact Past Clients.  Past clients can be an excellent source [...]

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3 Ways to Bounce Back from a Bad Mortgage Sales Day

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the ones we’re talking about…maybe you woke up late, got cut off in traffic, received a rejection you weren’t expecting from a promising prospect, had to call your cell phone company and got stuck on hold for 45 minutes, etc.  A bad mortgage sales day [...]

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3 Direct Mail Campaign Essentials

Direct mail can be a great way to interest prospects in your services.  It’s cost-effective, allows personalization, and can be very specifically targeted to those people who are most likely to use your services.  However to have the direct mail campaign essentials, you must make sure your campaign meets the following criteria:    Direct Mail [...]

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4 Fundamentals of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

So, you want to create your first successful direct mail campaign.  Don’t worry—while at first glance, it might seem overwhelming, we’re going to break down the most important elements of a campaign to make it easier for you: Select a Goal.  Before you begin your campaign, it’s important to set your sights on a target [...]

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4 Don’ts of Mortgage Direct Mail

If you’re not using mortgage direct mail to reach prospects, you might want to consider it; direct mail can be wildly successful.  However, before you start creating your next mortgage direct mail campaign, it’s important to be aware of some of the pitfalls most commonly made by direct mail marketers.  Below we present some key [...]

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