Direct Mail in a Digital Age

Advances in technology have transformed the business world, most significantly the ways that companies handle marketing and advertising.  Direct mail, one of the oldest marketing strategies, now competes against more forms of advertising than ever before, such as SEM, email marketing, social media ads - just to name a few.  So what does this mean [...]

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Ways To Ensure A Seamless Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing is still one of the most popular and profitable forms of advertising.  Marketers enjoy its benefits such as its demographic targeting abilities, high ROI and the easiness of tracking results.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or working on your first direct mail campaign, follow these tips for ensuring that your direct mail [...]

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Setting Your Direct Mail Goals

Establishing clear goals serve two main purposes in a direct mail campaign.  First of all, your goal shapes how you structure your campaign.  It helps determine your call-to-action and when to send out the mailers.  Secondly, goals allow you to measure your campaign’s success.  Without setting a goal for your campaign, you’ll have no idea [...]

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One Of Your Most Valuable Assets – Your Mailing List

"Data! Data! Data!"  Sherlock Holmes cried impatiently.  "I can't make bricks without clay." - The Adventure of Copper Beeches Sherlock Holmes may be a fictional character and doesn’t work in marketing, but he understands the importance of data.  In direct mail marketing, the data that’s crucial for your campaign’s success is your mailing list.  It’s [...]

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