When you invest in a mortgage direct mail campaign, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.  To that end, do you know which mortgage direct mail mistakes can prevent you from getting a high return on your investment?  Below we identify some of the most common mistakes that marketers make.  Read on to learn those things not to do so your next campaign yields the best possible results:

  1. Not Using a Quality Mailing List.  Your mortgage direct mail piece is only as successful as the mailing list that you’re using i.e. use a bad mailing list, get less-than-stellar results.  Instead, we encourage you to use a high-quality list that has the contact information of those people who are most likely to be hot leads.
  2. Not Segmenting.  While you can send out a mailing that lists all of the services you provide, this is more of a scattershot approach—basically, you’re hoping that one of those services will be compelling to the recipients you contact.  Rather than doing that, your mailer will be far more effective if you highlight one service—home refinancing, for example—and then send it to a specific subset of the market, like people between the ages of 25-45 who bought their homes within the last 5 years.
  3. Not Highlighting Benefits.  All too often, inexperienced marketers will create copy that is feature-driven, rather than benefits-driven.  Allow us to explain the difference between the two.  Feature-driven copy highlights a list of features like “Provider of home refinancing services,” and “Low refinancing rates available.”  Benefits-driven copy highlights the actual benefit to the consumer.  For instance, it would look something more like, “Save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year!”  Benefits-driven copy is more impactful, because it appeals to people on an emotional level and suggests how a certain product or service can meet their needs.