Do you know someone in the mortgage industry who just seems to have a way with prospects?  A person so charming he could sell ice to an Eskimo?  We’ve probably all known a salesperson that was so successful that we wondered, “How does he do it?”  

We’d argue that salespeople like these are successful, because they are memorable—they say and do things that make a favorable impression on clients, making them unforgettable.  Want to develop this quality for yourself?  Read on to discover how you can become a more memorable mortgage lender to prospects:

  1. Show a Genuine Interest in People.  People love to feel important.  A great way to accomplish this is by asking them about themselves and paying close attention to their responses.  You can learn a lot about people this way, and they’ll be flattered the next time they run into you and you ask how their son’s college visit went.
  2. Do More than Expected.  By making an effort to go the extra mile for people, you’ll be remembered long after your good deed has been performed.  Help others when you can and be willing to go above and beyond for people.  For instance, you can remain a memorable mortgage lender in your clients’ minds by sending a thank you card once a deal has closed, contacting them months after a deal to see how things are going, or sending out cards during the holidays.  While these things don’t take a lot of time, they can have an enormous impact.
  3. Talk Less.  One common philosophy is that the best salespeople have the gift of gab.  While it’s true that they are often gifted speakers, the most memorable mortgage lender know that being a good listener is no less important.  Rather than spending your time with prospects monopolizing the conversation, strive for a 50/50 ratio.  Not only will this make you stand out in your prospect’s mind, but you’ll also be more likely to glean valuable insights that will increase your likelihood of closing a deal.