Facebook phone

Naturally, there’s a lot of competition for people’s attention on Facebook—you’ll find posts on everything from the latest viral video to an update on your cousin’s latest work crisis.  So, how does a mortgage lender break through the clutter?  By using the 5 strategies we’ve identified below to make more engaging mortgage Facebook posts:

  1. Use Imagery.  Posts with pictures are far more likely to be noticed.  You can use pictures that you’ve taken or look online for free stock photos.  By and large, posts with images attract more Likes and Shares.
  2. Keep It Short.  There’s no need to launch into a long-winded spiel on your Facebook post.  Think in terms of sound bites, rather than using lengthy blocks of text.
  3. Encourage Interaction.  There are a number of ways that you can drive interaction with an engaging mortgage Facebook post.  For example, you might choose to pose a question.  Alternatively, you could request that people Like or Share your content if they found it useful.  You might even say something like, “If you want more updates like these, sign up for my newsletter by clicking here.”  These are common tactics that businesses use to make their posts more engaging.
  4. Do Your Homework.  With Facebook’s Page Insights, you can find out when your fans are online and which posts they liked and shared the most.  Use this information to post when your followers are most likely to be online and to create posts that interest a large number of your followers i.e. if a certain type of post or topic is working well for you, strive to create similar posts in the future.
  5. Get Creative.  Scott Ayres, co-author of Facebook All-In-One for Dummies, suggests the following types of posts to increase engagement:  quotes (they tend to get a lot of Likes and Shares), timely and comical photos, and fill-in-the-blanks (you can encourage people to enter their responses in the comments).  These creative strategies will not only be more engaging to your existing followers, but they’re also likely to net you new followers.