You know the stereotypes about the “millennial” generation: They always have their noses in their phones. They don’t have time for anything that’s more than one sentence. If it’s not digital, it’s old fashioned. So direct mailing millennials is dead in the water, huh?

Not exactly. In fact, not at all. A research study by the U.S. Postal Service suggests that age demographics as low as 18-to-21 read mailings immediately 62 percent of the time. It’s not tough to get this age group to pick up your mailings, but it may take more effort to keep their attention.

Here are seven simple methods to direct mailing millennials.

  1. Treat Them as Uniques, Not Group Members. No one hates the term “millennials” more than millennials. It’s key to understand that this demographic values individuality more than any before it, and appreciates being recognized for uniqueness from person to person. That means, when writing copy for a mailing, make your recipient feel as if they are being targeted as specifically as possible, and not as part of a larger group of people sharing similar interests.
  2. Be Honest and Real. It’s true that millennials have better access to technology than any previous generation. Hopefully you were honest in your previous mailings, but now it’s for real: If you’re selling swampland, you better believe that they’ll get on Google Maps and check your facts. It’s not enough to simply be honest…you must also be relatable. No one likes sales pitches that come across as cheap or sleazy, but younger buyers are more immediately turned off when they get the idea that a business isn’t being “real.”
  3. Make Things Mobile-Friendly. Sure, millennials spend more time on their phones than any other group, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work this trend into your mailings. Consider including QR codes or other elements that recipients can quickly program into their phones in order to explore your offer more extensively on your website. If your website hasn’t been developed to appear neatly on a mobile screen, consider updating this as well.
  4. Streamline Lead Generation. The aforementioned advances in technology have made millennials expect that everything can be done more quickly and more efficiently. This may have an impact on the calls to action included in your mailings. If your offer requires a large amount of information or work from your prospect, they may not follow through. Require minimal data and effort upfront, and instead get all the extra details when they’re hooked.
  5. Ask for Referrals. The millennial generation puts more time into checking facts and quality behind everything they buy, which makes them especially loyal to brands and services. You can use that to your advantage. If you’ve got a mailing list of previously established customers, consider slipping in the suggestion that they refer you to friends and colleagues. Consider including exclusive discounts for those referrals. Young buyers may appreciate individuality, but they won’t turn down a buying tip from a trusted source.
  6. Tell Stories. If you’re struggling to think of ways to be more “real” in your delivery, consider telling a story to correlate with your product. Millennials, as part of appreciating sincerity in advertising, make stronger emotional connections to products and services. If you can work in a good narrative that demonstrates your offering in action (again, don’t make it up!), then you’ll be in strong position to make a sale.