Consumer ListsDirect mail with consumer lists is an excellent way for B2C companies to grow their business.  Today, many companies favor digital media marketing with paid search, social media ads, and display ads, but it’s important to remember that direct mail marketing is still a powerful tool.  It can be especially effective when used in conjunction with other marketing channels like SEM, email, and social. If you believe the myth that direct mail is irrelevant in today’s modern world, you should know that it continues to yield high response rates, sale rates, and ROIs.  It truly is one of the best ways to identify new potential customers.

One of the reasons why direct mail marketing is still used today is because of its incredible targeting capabilities.  It makes it so easy for you to identify the people who match the criteria of your target audience. Digital marketing channels do allow you to specify the demographics you want to reach, but direct mail takes it a step further.  Consumer lists typically have various attributes that you can use to focus in on your ideal audience. Depending on the type of data list, these attributes can be anything from income and occupation to marital status, type of car they drive, and length of residence.  Even better, sometimes you’re able to identify people who are mail order buyers. Consumer list data comes from a variety of highly credible sources such as motor vehicle registration, birth records, and white page directories. Ultimately, this ensures that your data list is accurate and you will target the right people

Taking advantage of direct mail’s superior targeting abilities has many benefits.  As already mentioned, you’re identifying the best potential customers. You’re more likely to win their business since they represent your target consumer demographic.  Additionally, it allows you to stay away from unqualified people with a low chance of becoming your customers. Both of these benefits help you cut down on print and postage costs, generate more sales, and earn a higher profit margin.  

We offer several different consumer lists with a variety of available attributes.  Contact us today to learn more.