Mortgage Copywriting: Mix It Up Depending on the Medium

Common sense would suggest that all writing is the same.  While that is true to some extent, it doesn’t take into account the impact that the medium should have on your writing style.  Quite simply, mortgage copywriting should be very different based on whether it will be used digitally or in print.  Below we identify [...]

Create Engaging Mortgage Blog Posts with these Easy Tips

You ARE blogging, right?  All kidding aside, we always encourage lenders to create engaging mortgage blog posts as a marketing tool.  Blogging gives you the opportunity to communicate with your leads in a friendly format, to reach new prospects, and to prevent your past clients from forgetting about your services--something that’s especially useful when they’re [...]

By | September 29th, 2015|Mortgage Advertising, Mortgage Marketing, Blogging, Social Media|
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