Direct Mail for B2Bs – Does It Work

Direct mail is a common advertising tool for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies.  People check their mailbox more thoroughly than they do their emails, many people actually enjoy receiving physical mail, and people like being able to save mailers for later use - all of which make direct mail marketing effective for B2Cs.  However, this doesn’t mean [...]

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Revisiting Your Mailing List

We can’t stress the importance of having a top quality mailing list for direct mail marketing. It’s essential for your campaign’s success. After having purchased a list and executing your campaign, you may be wondering what to do with it. You may wonder, can I use it again? Should I use it again? The answer [...]

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Best Practices for Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing continues to be one of the most trusted forms of advertising in the mortgage industry.  Mortgage lenders continue to be among our most popular clients due to the success their businesses have achieved using direct mail.  They love the results that direct mail marketing delivers - the high ROI, average 4.4% response [...]

Avoid “Do Not Call” Lists and Spam Filters With Direct Mail

We live in a world where everyone is glued to their smartphone.  People wait in line for hours outside of Apple Stores when a new iPhone has been released, and studies estimate that people spend between 4 to 5 hours on their phone each day.  This might lead you to think that phone calls and [...]

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The Perfect Marketing Blend

Think of marketing like cooking.  Any cook knows that you can’t make a recipe without the right blend of ingredients.  In direct mail marketing, your “ingredients” are your data list, offer, creative, and print &mailing .  Each ingredient is needed for the perfect marketing blend that will generate leads and drive sales. The first ingredient [...]

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Purchasing A Direct Mail List

As you likely know, your mailing list is the foundation of your direct mail campaign. It’s impossible to run a cost-effective and successful campaign without a solid, accurate list. Finding the right list isn’t an easy task.  If you search “buy direct mail data list” on Google, you’ll see pages upon pages of listings and [...]

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Direct Mail in a Digital Age

Advances in technology have transformed the business world, most significantly the ways that companies handle marketing and advertising.  Direct mail, one of the oldest marketing strategies, now competes against more forms of advertising than ever before, such as SEM, email marketing, social media ads - just to name a few.  So what does this mean [...]

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One Of Your Most Valuable Assets – Your Mailing List

"Data! Data! Data!"  Sherlock Holmes cried impatiently.  "I can't make bricks without clay." - The Adventure of Copper Beeches Sherlock Holmes may be a fictional character and doesn’t work in marketing, but he understands the importance of data.  In direct mail marketing, the data that’s crucial for your campaign’s success is your mailing list.  It’s [...]

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4 Steps to Crafting Superb Mortgage Sub-Headlines

Mortgage sub-headlines are the Robin to the headline’s Batman: It rarely get as much attention or credit, yet it often plays a role that’s just as essential in completing the mission. Many creators of content—from news reporters to direct mail marketers—have spent countless hours trying to create the perfect headline...only to forget about its smaller [...]

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Snare Mortgage Subscribers for Your Blog with 5 Easy Options

You’ve got a great blog to tie in with your products and services, and now you just need people to read it. The best way to bring in clicks is by having an established, loyal readership, which is best established and monitored by way of mortgage subscribers. So…how do you convince the casual reader to [...]

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