How To Design Postcards That Win You More Business

Postcards are one of the most commonly used direct mail formats. Why? Because of how effective they are at grabbing a reader’s attention. Unlike a letter, they don’t have an envelope - which means that if a recipient just glances at your postcard they’ll see a glimpse of your ad. It also means that it’s [...]

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New to Direct Mail? Try Postcards

Ah, postcards. There’s so much that we can say about these amazing mailers. We’ve talked about their benefits many times on our blog (see here, and here). However, there’s one thing that we haven’t discussed: postcards for direct mail “newbies.” You see, while we love direct mail and think that it’s an incredible marketing tool, [...]

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Postcards- The Hero of Direct Mail

Postcards are arguably the most popular direct mail format - and rightfully so. Here are the top seven reasons why postcards are one of the most effective mailers and should be considered the hero of direct mail. Affordable Postcard Postage Direct mailskeptics’ biggest criticism of sending mailers is the cost of postage. Postcard postage rates [...]

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Postcards vs. Letters – Which Is Best For Your Business

Postcards and letters are two of the most commonly used direct mail formats. If you’re a direct mail rookie, you may struggle with picking between the two. To help with your decision, we’ve outlined the benefits of each format and their common uses. Postcards Postcards are a great teaser to generate interest in your business. [...]

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Postcard Postage Rates – 1 of 3 Reasons Why You Need to Send Direct Mail Postcards

Since we’re only in the first few weeks of January, you’re probably still hearing people say “New Year, New Me”.  This year we ask you to think “New Year, New Direct Mail Marketing Strategy”.  Instead of making you get a gym membership and swear off carbs, we challenge you to diversify your direct mail approach.  [...]

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Yellow Letters VS. Postcards: Real Estate Direct Mail Options

If you’re in the business of flipping homes, you understand that you can’t realistically expect business to run efficiently by waiting for customers to come to you, looking to sell their homes. A wise operator in this branch of real estate realizes that the best way to guarantee they’ll have old homes to restore is [...]

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Postcard Marketing: The Basics

If you’ve been searching for a new mortgage marketing tactic to reach prospects, postcards may be the way to go.  For one thing, they’re attention-grabbing.  Glossy photography—coupled with personalization—is quickly noticed by mail recipients.  And unlike letters, postcards are more likely to be placed in a prominent location in the home, like a refrigerator or [...]

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