Lead Your Mortgage Sales Team to Greater Success

Over and over again, we hear about the importance of great leadership.  But what does this mean exactly?  It seems that successful leadership is often difficult to characterize.  However, more often than not, one key trait that great leaders have is the ability to engage effectively with their team members.  If you’re a team leader [...]

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Growing Your Professional Mortgage Network

The importance of having a professional network cannot be overstated, particularly for mortgage brokers who rely heavily on referrals.  Not only can a vast network help you obtain new clients, but it can also be useful if you’re seeking business advice, mentoring relationships, or wanting to partner with local professionals in your area.  Here are [...]

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5 Time Management Tips for Mortgage Salespeople

Did you know that the average salesperson only spends 10% of his day actually selling?  More often than not, the bulk of his workday is comprised of administrative tasks.  That’s why being an effective time manager is so crucial to salespeople.  Below we identify the 5 time management tips for Mortgage Salespeople: Focus.  Before beginning your [...]

Get your Marketing Plan ahead of the Game!!

Start 2015 off right and get your marketing planned now! For over 15 years we've witnessed that 70% of companies who have mail in circulation the first week of January close 25% more loans that month than those that only start mailing when they return to work the first week. Get your marketing in and [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Tips for Mortgage Brokers

All too often, people set up a LinkedIn profile when they first join the site and then fail to update it.  You should consider your profile a digital first impression.  As such, it’s a great idea to review and evaluate it to consider the impact you’re leaving on potential prospects and networking partners.  To help [...]

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Top Tools for Mortgage Brokers: Email Service Providers

Part 2 of 3 In our previous post, we took a look at some of the top marketing automation programs available.  Today we’re going to examine more tools for mortgage brokers: email service providers (ESPs).  If you’re not using email to drive your marketing initiatives, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to grow your [...]

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Top Tools for Brokers:  Mortgage Marketing Automation

Part 1 of 3 There are a number of tools to make it easier to market your business, but are you taking advantage of them?  If not, perhaps it’s because you feel overwhelmed by all of the options available.  In part 1 of our 3-part series, we’ll narrow the field for you by identifying some [...]

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5 Tips to Improve the Success of your Direct Mail Campaigns

   Are your direct mail pieces getting lackluster results?  If so, you’ll want to take advantage of the time-honored tips         below for achieving greater direct mail success:  Offer Something for Free. Getting things for free is a great motivator.  Say that you’re sending out a direct mail piece  to likely first-time home buyers. [...]

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Mortgage Industry & Thoughtfulness: A Daily Work Habit Worth Cultivating

Each day you probably engage in dozens of habits that you don’t even think twice about. You wake up in the morning, shower, check your email, drink a cup of coffee, etc. And while you probably find those habits enriching in some way, there is one daily work habit that promises the most enrichment—thoughtfulness. By [...]

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Mortgage Industry & Thoughtfulness: A Daily Work Habit Worth Cultivating

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