Mortgage Sales

You’ve probably heard this time and time again being in Mortgage Sales—focus on addressing your customer’s needs rather than making your communications all about you.  Yet oftentimes, Mortgage Salespeople fail to remember this and instead, offer up marketing messages that are ineffective.  Below we suggest ways you can start creating customer-focused mortgage sales messages that are customer-focused in nature and as such, more likely to resonate with your recipients:

  • Minimize Your Use of the Word, “I.”  While you probably can’t avoid referring to yourself in the first person at times, your message should primarily be focused on “you,” in this case, the customer.  Read over your mortgage sales copy and when you come across the word, “I,” try to rephrase your message to focus on the benefits prospects would receive if they worked with you.
  • Learn What’s Important to your Clients.  Oftentimes, what a marketer thinks is a strong selling point is less important to the people buying his product or service.  For instance, while you might believe that people care about rates to the exclusion of all other criteria, clients might tell you that the most important thing they want in a mortgage broker is responsiveness or someone who’s willing to go above and beyond to help them navigate the complex loan process.  Once you have a good idea of what your clients value in a mortgage broker, use this in your marketing pieces.
  • Think Like a Satisfied Customer.  Consider someone you worked with recently who was very pleased with your services.  How would they describe the benefit of your service?  For example, perhaps you helped a couple refinance and they were thrilled to have the extra money each month to help put their daughter through college.  Imagine writing your sales messages from the glowing perspective of a satisfied client—in this case, focusing on how great it is to have additional money to put toward college costs, vacations, etc.

Writing a customer-focused sales message doesn’t need to be hard.  Simply identify what’s important to clients and when you’re ready to put pen to paper, think from the perspective of a happy customer.  In doing so, you’ll find that your sales messages do a much better job of generating interest among your prospects.