Direct Mail

We want to remind you that direct mail isn’t just for national chains like Google or Burger King. Sure, companies of that size benefit from their notoriety and hefty advertising budgets – but that doesn’t mean that a multi-million dollar budget is required for direct mail success. Small local businesses (even newer ones or businesses that are lesser known) can have successful direct mail campaigns. In fact, direct mail can really help these types of businesses by increasing brand awareness, generating new sales, and fostering connections with current and former clients.

Campaigns using consumer lists can bring outstanding results to small local businesses. They allow marketers to pinpoint unique demographics that they want to target. At Titan DPM, we have several types of consumer mailing lists that can be helpful to a wide array of industries. Our Consumer Data is sourced from white page directories, motor vehicle registration information, driver’s license files, and questionnaires, and is overlaid with 100 million transaction records and over 90 million exact birth date records. With this data, you can target by household (by length of residence, gross annual income, presence of children, and more) or individual (age, gender, and more) to further help you identify your target audience. This type of data is especially beneficial for industries related to children and childcare, such as daycares, preschools, kids’ clothing and toy stores, and play/activity centers. It also can be used for spas, restaurants, retail stores, dentists, doctors, and grocery stores.

People new to an area or who have recently moved are a lucrative demographic that local businesses should tap into. When people move, they’re often in the market for new furniture, appliances, and decor. They also may need recommendations for services such as lawn care, cable, snow removal, plumbing, and heating. Local businesses can reach this market with our New Movers and Renters/Purchase Prospects Data. These consumer lists can help furniture, plumbing, heating & cooling, electric, mowing, electronics, and appliance companies reach a new audience of potential customers.

If there’s one thing we want you to understand about direct mail, it’s that it can bring incredible results to all types of business. The possibilities are endless. Your small business can really stimulate new growth and generate sales with a direct mail campaign and solid consumer mailing lists. Contact us today to learn more.