Direct Mail in a Digital Age

Advances in technology have transformed the business world, most significantly the ways that companies handle marketing and advertising.  Direct mail, one of the oldest marketing strategies, now competes against more forms of advertising than ever before, such as SEM, email marketing, social media ads – just to name a few.  So what does this mean for the future of direct mail?

It does NOT mean that you should abandon direct mail to focus solely on digital marketing and your web presence.  Direct mail is still one of the most trusted advertising methods and its ROI exceeds that of many other marketing platforms.  It’s very possible to have a successful direct mail campaign in this digital age.  Try these three methods of combining direct mail with more modern advertising and technology.

  1. Collect the email addresses of your direct mail recipients by asking them to sign up for emails in your mailer.  Provide an incentive in the call-to-action – exclusive coupon codes, updates, etc. – to increase the likeliness of them signing up.  The benefit of this is that you’re guaranteed accurate email addresses, which wouldn’t be the case if you were to purchase a list.  Email lists on the market are known for having incorrect data and outdated addresses, leading to failed campaigns.  With this method, you’ll have the foundation for successful email marketing campaigns.
  2. Use your web traffic as an opportunity to build up your direct mail list.  Include a form on your website where users can sign-up to receive mailers.  This will allow you to create a new list of interested prospects.  Because these people actually opted to sign up for the mailing list, you can avoid wasting money sending mailers to uninterested recipients.  This is a great free way to generate promising direct mail leads.
  3. It’s pretty likely that the people on your mailing list own a smartphone.  And as you probably know, most smartphone users are constantly glued to their phones.  Take advantage of this in your direct mail campaign by including a QR code on your mailer that recipients can scan on their phone to bring them to a landing page, sign-up form, app, etc.  Doing this spares people the task of typing a URL or scrolling through the app store to find your app.

Don’t let technology and digital marketing scare you out of using direct mail.  Since the world’s biggest digital businesses continue to use it, it’s more than safe to say that direct mail is still powerful and relevant – no matter how technology continues to change.