Direct Mail Marketing | Titan ListOftentimes, creating a sales message is something that business professionals struggle with the most. Fortunately, it can be easier than you think. In part 4 of our 5-part series, we’ll highlight things that you want to take into consideration when creating your sales copy. While you can hire a professional writer, you might find that with these points in mind, this is something that you can successfully tackle yourself.

The first thing you want to ask before creating your sales copy is, “What benefit can I provide this customer?” Think about your prospect and what his needs are. Rather than focusing on yourself, the message should be centered on how you can provide value to the recipient. Also, you want to consider how your service is unique from your competitors—this is something you’ll want to highlight in your direct mail piece.

Your direct mail should also have a call-to-action (CTA). What do you want recipients to do when they receive it? Do you want them to call you, visit your website, or return a reply card? Be explicit about what action you would like the recipients to take after reading your sales pitch. Time-sensitive CTAs are useful in getting your prospects to act quickly. Offering an incentive—like a free credit report or attendance to a seminar—is a great way to capture your prospects’ attention and to get them to act on your CTA.

Additionally, well-written direct mail is clear and concise. Good copywriters know that short paragraphs are preferred to longer ones, which tend to be skimmed. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to use bullet points to communicate key ideas in an easy-to-read format. If you use graphics, make sure they’re appealing and don’t distract from the text.

Finally, if you choose to send a letter to your prospects, remember that it’s important to write in the same way that you would make your appeal verbally. This is how you can use the letter’s more personalized nature to your advantage. Read it out loud to make sure that you’ve succeeded in adopting the correct tone.
With these considerations in mind, you’re ready to write your sales message. But before you do, check out part 5 of our series where we’ll discuss design guidelines to follow when you’re creating your marketing piece.

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