Direct Mail Marketing

Hopefully you’ve already started to plan your marketing strategy for 2019, and hopefully it includes direct mail.  Many marketers are surprised to see that direct mail is still used in today’s digital world.  Some are even skeptical of its relevance and efficiency compared to digital marketing tools.  What every marketer and advertiser needs to know is that direct mail continues to be one of the most powerful advertising assets.  Historically, it yields high sales and response rates as well as sizable ROIs.

Looking forward to the new year, it seems like none of that is changing.  To make your campaigns as successful as possible, we’re sharing some of the direct mail marketing trends you can expect to see in 2019.

More Direct Mail
Many consumers live a life that’s dominated by technology – glued to their phones, computers, and tablets – exposing them to hundreds, if not thousands, of ads a day on social media, on the websites they browse, on their search engines, and in their inboxes.  Because of this, direct mail can feel like a breath of fresh air.  People like receiving “snail mail” (so long as it’s not a bill!) because it’s a reminder of a simpler time before the internet and social media.  As a result, more and more companies will begin including direct mail into their marketing strategy.  Prepare to see more businesses – including your competitors – utilize direct mail marketing.

Simple Styles
The minimalism trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019.  You may have noticed that many brands now use muted colors and simpler color schemes in their packaging and advertisements.  To keep up with the trend, you should try a more minimalistic style for your mailers.  Today’s consumers are inundated with tons of images and ads daily.  A mailer that only has one strong image and a simpler color palette with just a few colors embodies minimalism perfectly.  The result is a mailer that’s elegant, modern, and will be attractive to its recipients.

Kicking Off and Wrapping Up Campaigns
Instead of using direct mail as a stand-alone, many businesses will begin using it as a way to kick off and wrap up campaigns.  A mailer can be a great first step in a drip campaign to alert customers and potential customers about upcoming products, services, or offers.  Afterward, you can begin to initiate other parts of your campaign, be it email, social ads, or anything else. You can also use direct mail to wrap up a campaign.  If you’ve been promoting a sale or limited time offer through other marketing channels, you can send out a mailer a few days before it ends to encourage people to take action while it lasts.