Direct Mail Mortgage MarketingDirect mail has been a mortgage marketing staple for decades. Other ads can’t beat the response rates, the sales rates, and ROI that direct mail campaigns deliver. Additionally, direct mail’s targeting capabilities make it simple for mortgage lenders to identify the most promising prospects. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, planning your first campaign, or just interested in learning more, here are some direct mail mortgage marketing tricks that anyone can use.

Use a Limited Time Offer
If you’re receiving a disappointing number of responses or find that it takes a long time for people to reach out after receiving your mailer, you should try making your offers limited time only. You’ll be surprised by the number of responses you receive in a short period of time. When you give people too much time or promote an ongoing offer, people won’t prioritize it. Today’s consumers are extremely busy, and if your offer isn’t their priority, they’ll probably forget about it entirely. Creating a sense of urgency pushes people to act fast, thus increasing your number of responses while decreasing wait time.

Make It Skimmable
The average person isn’t going to read your mailer word for word. Instead, you can count on them skimming through. If you’re able to pique their interest, they’ll be more likely to take a second look and read it more thoroughly. You can make your mailer easy to skim by using bullet points and short paragraphs. Highlight important information with bold text, underlines, highlights, or colors.

Great Graphics That Tell a Story
Your mailer should utilize graphics that strike a chord with your mailer recipients. A postcard with a photo of a house is boring. Nothing about it is particularly memorable; it doesn’t stir up any emotions. A photo of a happy family playing in the yard of a beautiful house on a summer day? That’s a picture with a story. People (especially those with families) be able to connect with that image. Whatever graphic you use, make sure it’ll speak to your target audience and produce some emotional response.

Make Your Mailers Personal
One thing that deters some people from using direct mail is that they worry people will mistake it for spam and throw it away. To distinguish yourself from junk mail, make sure that you always personalize your mailers with recipients’ name. Nothing screams junk mail like an envelope addressed to “Homeowner” or “Current Resident.”