Direct Mail Services

Think of direct mail campaigns as cars in the sense that they’re made up of many parts. A Mercedes is a gorgeous luxury car because every single part of it is perfect – a sleek exterior, powerful engine, comfortable interior, advanced technology, etc. Mercedes wouldn’t be the gold standard for high-end cars if any of their parts were poor quality or outdated. If you want your campaigns to be the Mercedes of direct mail, you need to make sure that every single aspect of your campaigns is as close to perfection as possible. You can achieve this by using top-notch direct mail services. Keep reading to learn more about the services you should consider using for your campaigns.

Data List Vendor
In-house lists are great for cross and upselling to your existing clients, but you’ll need to buy a data list if you want to expand your reach and generate new leads. A high-quality data list is perhaps the most critical investment in your direct mail success. Buy a list from a reliable vendor with a strong reputation, is compliant with opt-out lists, and updates their data on a regular basis. Don’t be tempted to buy lower quality data just because it’s cheaper. Investing in the best data available pays itself off with the new leads and sales you’ll receive at the end of the campaign.

Graphic Design
You’ll need to pay for design services if you don’t have a graphic designer on staff. Your mailer is the equivalent of your first impression, which means that it needs to look attractive and interesting. There aren’t do-overs with first impressions or mailers, which means you have one shot to grab someone’s attention. A professional graphic designer can come up with a design that “does it all” – reflects your brand, piques interest, and conveys your offer.

Print is often an overlooked direct mail service. Many people spend most of their time planning the mailer copy and design, and don’t think too much about where and when the mailers will be printed. In reality, you should confirm the printing company you’ll be working with early on in the campaign. Having this secured at the beginning will spare you from any snafus that could cause you to miss a deadline. Always ask the print company about the capacity they can handle and their turnaround.

At Titan DPM, we’re proud to offer all of the direct mail services that you need for your campaigns: data, design, print, mail, strategy. Contact us today to learn more.