Direct MailWe’re sure many people are surprised to see that direct mail is still a popular and effective advertising method in 2017.  It continues to generate millions of dollars in revenue in a world of Apple watches and hoverboards!  Here are a few trends we expect will dominate direct mail this year that will optimize campaigns for success.

Multi Channel Integration
Integrating direct mail with other marketing channels can be a powerful tactic for driving response rates.  We find that email and direct mail work particularly well together.  Deploy an email to your prospects a few days after they’ve received your mail piece.  This reminds them of your mailer and helps to boost your response rates.  You can also send an email to your recipients a few days before your mailers are delivered to let them know that they’ll be receiving an exclusive offer.  Your prospects will be anticipating your mailer and anxious to see it.  Note that this method tends to work best with in-house lists.  If your recipients don’t know your company and receive this type of email, they’re likely to mark it as spam and ignore your mailer.

Would you be happy if someone cooked you a steak for dinner even though you’re a vegetarian?  Probably not, which is why we can’t stress the importance of personalizing your direct mail pieces.  Nobody will bother to read or respond to mail that doesn’t feel relevant to them.  Always purchase top quality data lists so that you mail to the right audience.  You should also segment your lists for further personalization.  Your prospects are unique and have different interests and needs, which is why you should break them into subgroups.  This then allows you to write focused and personalized copy.  The more personal the mailer is, the more likely prospects are to respond.

Response Options
As mentioned, your prospects aren’t all the same.  They’ll likely have different preferences for how they want to follow up with you.  Provide them with options for how to respond so that they can choose the method that’s most convenient and comfortable for them.  Providing an email address and phone number in the CTA benefits people who hate talking on the phone and those who prefer immediate action with a phone call.  Your prospects will appreciate your flexibility and will differentiate your business from other companies who send generic direct mail. Remember – convenience is key.  If your prospects don’t like the one response method that you provided, they may look up one of your competitors and use their service instead.