Direct Mail

We really can’t stress enough how vital it is that you only use high-quality data for your direct mail campaigns. It’s often easier and cheaper to buy a lesser quality mailing list, but your campaign will suffer, and you’ll undoubtedly regret it. A superior direct mail list is worth every penny. When you invest in data, it’s an investment in your campaign’s success. This isn’t a place where you want to pinch pennies. If you’re operating with a limited budget, it’s okay to be more conservative with how much money you allocate to design and copy. Whatever you do, make sure that you buy exceptional data. To help you purchase the best direct mail lists possible, we’re sharing some do’s and don’ts that every direct mail marketer should adhere to.

Do: Work With a Reputable Company

If you want to get top-notch data, you need to buy it from a company with an excellent reputation. Questionable companies don’t sell great lists. In your research process, you should spend time reading reviews and testimonials for the companies you’re considering. It’s a bad sign if you see a high number of bad reviews or if the business doesn’t have testimonials from satisfied customers. Buying your data from a reputable company will ensure that you purchase a solid list and that they provide you with quality service.

Don’t: Work With Companies Unfamiliar With Your Industry

It’s best to work with a company that caters to your industry. The benefit of doing so is that they can lead you to select the direct mail list that will best meet your goals. If you buy your data from a company that has little knowledge about direct mail for your industry, you won’t get great guidance and recommendations.

Do: Ask About Available Attributes

Depending on the data list, there are different attributes that can help you further hone in on your target audience. You should ask your list broker about their offerings and also about which ones they recommend based on your offer and campaign goals. Taking advantage of these attributes is an excellent way to ensure that you really focus in on your consumer base and eliminate any unqualified prospects.

Don’t: Rush the Process

Buying your direct mail lists shouldn’t be a quick process. You need to take the time to evaluate the companies you’re considering to make sure that they’re reputable, professional, and help people achieve successful campaigns. Don’t rush through this research process and settle on the first company that shows up on your Google search. It’s crucial that you buy the right list from the right company.