In email marketing, the subject line of your email can make or break your mortgage email campaign.  In fact, statistics show that 33% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.  With that in mind, your subject line needs to be well-written and follow the email subject line tips below:

  • Avoid spam-triggering filters in the email subject line.  The email subject line is used to detect 35% of spam so you want to be careful in this regard.  Prior to sending an email, use an email subject line tester to see whether your email is likely to be flagged by spam filters.
  • Research indicates that a subject line should be kept to 50 characters or less.  Avoid trying to squeeze everything you want to say in the subject line.  Instead, strive to keep it short—you only want to write enough to capture your readers’ attention so they’ll want to open the email and learn more.
  • Don’t ask a question in the subject line.  While questions are a common copywriting technique used to stimulate interest, this can backfire in the world of email marketing where emails that use subject lines with question marks are opened less often.
  • Make an effort to personalize your subject line.  While this isn’t always possible, obviously the more specifically you can address your email audience, the more likely your email will resonate with them.  For example, if someone they know referred them to you, mention that person’s name in your email subject line.
  • Keep the formatting simple.  Don’t try to get readers’ attention with formatting that includes all caps, exclamation marks, dollar signs or things like, “L@@K Here!”  This type of hype tends to go ignored by discriminating consumers.
  • Try to create an interesting subject line that is likely to stimulate the readers’ curiosity—you might want to make an announcement, emphasize benefits, or create a sense of urgency.  When writing your email subject line, consider what would be most compelling to your recipients.  Then, try to craft a subject line that they would find intriguing enough to warrant opening your email.