Credit Bureaus

Pre-screened data, also known as credit driven data, is considered the gold standard data list in mortgage direct mail.  Using this data for your campaign has innumerable benefits.  This data is sourced from the leading three credit bureaus, which ensures its accuracy and superior quality.  You won’t have to worry about having outdated or incorrect data on your mailing list.  Pre-screened data also has unmatched targeting capabilities.  By identifying prospects by credit score you’re able to pinpoint the best contacts for your campaign.  Ultimately, this allows you to target the most qualified potential customers.  The end result is a campaign that yields a high response and close rate.

One of the most attractive features of this data is that it’s not as common as other types of lists.  Because this data comes from the three credit bureaus, it’s not available to every mailing list company.  Due to the sensitive nature of this information, data brokers must be approved to sell these lists.  Without that permission, they don’t have access to it.  Only a select few companies have access to pre-screened data, which means that if you use it for your campaign, you can be assured that you have better quality data than most of your competitors.

And lastly, perhaps the most attractive benefit of pre-screened data is that it can result in a high ROI with a significant profit margin.  Direct mail is known for having great response and sales rates.  Running a campaign using pre-screened data, which is highly targeted to reach your most promising potential customers, sets you up for getting more responses than a campaign with standard data.  Generating a high number of responses increases your odds for getting more clients.  Since the data is so targeted, your data list budget will be very well spent.  Your mailer won’t be sent to unqualified prospects which ultimately saves you from wasting money, thus delivering a sizable ROI and great profit margin.  Contact us today to learn more about pre-screened data.