Targeted Mailing ListThe first step in any direct mail campaign is to find a targeted mailing list.  It doesn’t matter the industry you work in, the size of your campaign, or what you’re offering – this is always the first step.  Doing this is crucial as it helps you focus your advertising budget and efforts on your target audience.  It increases your chances of getting sales and responses, and it also eliminates unqualified prospects.

To find targeted data, you first need to find a high-quality list broker.  Who you buy your data from is very important.  Working with a reputable, established company ensures that you have access to data that’s accurate and up to date.  If you execute a campaign with a weak list that has incorrect, out of date information, you’ll get disappointing results.  Take your time researching different mailing list companies until you find one that you’re sure is trustworthy and carries reliable, targeted data.

Once you’ve identified potential companies, you’ll need to see what they offer regarding targeting.  Check to see what attributes come with the lists you’re considering.  Depending on the data, common attributes included in your list can be credit score, age, and debt.  However, you should also see if there are other additional categories that you can select to add onto your data to make it a highly targeted mailing list.  Consult with your list broker to see if they have any suggestions for the best attributes that will help you reach your target audience.  A knowledgeable broker can help your campaign succeed since they’ll be able to guide you in making the right decisions to meet your goals.

Without a targeted mailing list, your direct mail campaign will see higher printing costs, decreased responses, and low sales rates.  Even worse, your campaign may only deliver a small profit – if it even manages to be profitable at all.  Contact us today to learn more about our targeted mailing lists offerings.