Trigger LeadsIf you’re looking for efficient new ways to drive your mortgage sales, you ought to consider trying a direct mail campaign with trigger data. Direct mail is already the mortgage industry’s number one marketing strategy. The results these campaigns deliver are second to none. Seasoned professionals know that direct mail can bring them more sales and a higher ROI than other marketing tactics.

With that said, the path to direct mail success isn’t without hurdles. A universal marketing challenge for marketers (in all industries using every type of advertising medium) is that not every person who sees your ad is interested or in your offer. Sometimes they’re not in the market, can’t afford it, or already got it from a competitor. For these

reasons, we highly recommend that mortgage professionals use trigger data for direct mail campaigns.

Trigger data eliminates the guesswork of determining who is and isn’t a hot prospect to target. What makes trigger leads so amazing is that every contact on the data list is in the market for a home loan. You can rest assured that every person who receives your mailer will have an interest in the loan you’re promoting. By executing a campaign with mortgage trigger data, you’ll dramatically increase your odds of getting a response and closing a deal. You’ll be astounded by the number of mortgage trigger leads you’ll generate.

Here at Titan List, we offer refi trigger and purchase trigger data. These databases are frequently updated to ensure that you always have an accurate data list. Our clients appreciate these lists as they find that they guarantee them access to interested potential prospects. They also like that trigger leads tend to close faster and yield lower fall-out rates than traditional leads, which gives them the most “bang for their buck.”

If this isn’t enough to convince you, contact us to speak to one of our sales reps and learn more about our mortgage trigger data has helped our clients and what we can do to help you generate these leads.