Direct Mail Campaign

Have you ever wondered why direct mail is still so popular?  It’s a legitimate question, especially with the rising popularity of digital marketing platforms like social media, SEM and email.  We can’t deny that some of these new tools have advantages over direct mail.  Digital marketing is modern and trendy, it allows advertisers to reach people virtually 24/7, there aren’t any printing or postage costs – all undeniably good features.

Digital marketing, however, lacks something that direct mail has.  Direct mail is personal.  Studies have found that between 67 and 70% of people find direct mail to be more personal than the internet.  And being personal is very important in marketing.

Why is personalization important?
There are many reasons why consumers appreciate a personalized marketing approach over a more generic one.  For one, it allows you to better connect with and relate to consumers.  If your prospects can explicitly see how your product or service will be beneficial to them, they’re more likely to become paying customers.

Personalization also keeps you ahead of your competition.  Consumers want to feel like you’re aware of and understand their needs.  This edges you over your competitors who don’t bother to be personalized and have a greasy salesperson approach that consumers can’t trust.  And of course, if your clients have a good experience working with you, they’re more likely to be repeat customers and even refer you to others.

Moral of the story is that it pays to be personal.  Direct mail is inherently more personal than digital marketing, but there are other ways you can further personalize your strategy to win even more business.

Say their name:  If your mailer says “Dear homeowner” or “To whom it may concern”, your piece is guaranteed to be thrown into the recycling bin.  Recipients will assume that it’s junk mail instead of a legitimate offer.  People don’t want to solicit business from a company that sends out junk mail; they want to know that they’re working with a legitimate company that has their best interest in mind and won’t rip them off.  Using your recipients’ names on the mailer is a simple, easy way to personalize your campaign and gain their trust.

Customize your content:  The copy, graphics and design of your mailer need to be directed to your target audience.  When recipients read your mailer, they should feel like it was made with them in mind.  If you decide to include some type of story or anecdote, it needs to be something that they can relate to.  This is particularly important if you’re marketing to millennials.  Learn as much as you can about your target audience so that you can create customized direct mail content that your recipients will connect with.

Market to past clients:  Don’t forget to create direct mail campaigns that target past clients.  If they did business with you before and had a good experience, it’s likely that they’re willing to use your service again.  In the mailer, thank them for their business with an exclusive offer such as a free consultation or discount.  This lets your recipients know that you remember working with them and will make them feel appreciated.

Special offers:  Many companies offer their clients celebratory freebies or discounts to honor birthdays, the anniversary of signing up for a membership, or for reaching a certain number of purchases.  This is a good way to stay connected to your clients without selling them something.