Content Marketing ConceptThese days, content marketing is all the rage. But what is it? Simply put, content marketing refers to compelling content that is created to add value for your consumers, rather than hitting them over the head with blunt sales tactics. Content marketing can be very effective if done correctly. For instance, most consumers say they feel better about—and are more likely to buy from—a company that uses content marketing. From a cost standpoint as well, content marketing is helpful. Statistics show that the cost of generating a lead through inbound marketing is about half of what it is through outbound marketing.

As such, here are some suggestions for how to improve your content marketing strategy. Read on:

Offer Value. There’s a lot of poor content on the web. Don’t add to it. Think carefully about the type of information that your clients would find useful. While many people enjoy content marketing, it’s because they feel that they are receiving value from the newsletter or blog post that they’re reading. So, consider what types of information your client would welcome reading about and plan accordingly.

Don’t Write for SEO. While SEO is important, content that is created merely to generate SEO reads that way. Nobody is fooled by marketer’s attempts to pepper key words and nauseum throughout content. Instead, focus on offering content that is relevant and readable. This is the type of information that people will want to share on their own, which will organically improve your search engine rankings.

Do Share with Social Media. Make sure that your content is reaching your entire target audience. For instance, if you update your blog on your website, don’t forget to distribute it via your other social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and the like. Those pressed for time might want to consider software that will simplify this process.

Evaluate Your Effectiveness. As with any marketing effort, you want to perform an analysis of how your marketing is doing. Are you finding that certain avenues have been more successful at lead generation? Are more users reading your newsletter than following you on Twitter? When you know what’s most successful, focus your efforts in that direction.

Be Patient. Seeing results with content marketing takes time. While it’s important to evaluate your efforts, there’s also something to be said for giving your content time to find its audience. For instance, you’re unlikely to go from 100 newsletter subscribers to 5,000 in a month’s time. Expect your marketing efforts to be an ongoing process.

Consistency. If you offer a weekly blog or a monthly newsletter, practice consistency. Readers expect professionalism. So if you’re on vacation for a week, write your blog post in advance and automate its posting to appear at its regular date. Don’t throw yourself into content marketing for a few weeks and then approach it on a sporadic, irregular schedule.

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