If you’ve ever created mortgage direct mail, then you’re well aware that the response rate—while good—is always something that marketers are trying to improve upon.  But how?  While most of the advice you read online will discuss the importance of the copywriting, the marketing message, and the layout of the direct mail piece itself, we believe that the envelope is no less important.  Below we offer our tips for getting your mortgage direct mail piece opened in the first place so you can wow prospects with your message:

  1. Segment.  The brilliance of your mortgage direct mail campaign will be lost if it isn’t seen by the right people.  You’ll always experience greater success by going after a specific targeted group of people rather than just doing a mass mailing.  When creating your mailing list, we recommend that you use your own database of prospects or buy the highest-quality list you can afford.  You could have the best mortgage direct mail piece in the world but if it goes to someone who has no need for your services, your envelope won’t get opened.
  2. Use Personalization.  Have you ever received mail that used a generic address like, “Dear Homeowner at 123 Main Street?”  If so, then there’s a good likelihood that you trashed it immediately because of its impersonal approach.  To get your mortgage direct mail piece opened, always use personalization.  The recipient will find it much more appealing.
  3. Format Your Envelope Correctly.  Generally speaking, there are 2 approaches for tackling the envelope.  The first is to make it appear as if it is coming directly from you, an individual.  In this instance, you’ll want to refrain from using your business name in the return address spot, use high-quality paper stock, and if possible, handwrite the recipient’s address information on the front.  The other strategy is to make it obvious that your envelope contains marketing materials inside.  You can accomplish this by putting teaser copy on the envelope—essentially, treating it as a billboard—and enticing the recipient to want to open the envelope out of intrigue, for a free gift, to learn how to solve a problem, etc.  

By following these simple tips, you have a much better likelihood of your mail piece being read and ultimately, experiencing a successful campaign.