By and large, most believe that mortgage content marketing works.  That is to say that the creation or curation of compelling content can be an excellent way of attracting new prospects and clients.  Yet what marketers remain less certain on is how to generate new ideas over and over again for consumer consumption.

According to a recent Entrepreneur article, 99% of marketers believe that a steady stream of ideas is critical to mortgage content marketing.  Yet half feel that they lack enough ideas to fuel their content creation.  In fact, on average, marketers need 251 ideas annually to sustain their marketing efforts.  Wow!  

Many mortgage lenders enjoy the thought of reaching new prospects through content creation but may find this thought (251 ideas!) an intimidating one, particularly if they lack a marketing background.  If you fall into this category, don’t despair.  We have some ideas to help you more easily develop content to promote your business:

  1. Use a Guest Blogger.  Consider reaching out to someone in the mortgage industry and asking them to create a blog post for your site.  Their fresh perspective may interest new readers, and you’ll also be more likely to have some of that blogger’s regular readers drop by your website.  
  2. Mine your Personal/Professional Life.  If something interesting has occurred in your personal or professional life, consider crafting a blog post around it.  Search for a theme or idea that will make it relevant to the services that you provide.  For instance, a poor customer service experience at your local coffee shop might lead you to write a blog post about why one of your primary aims is to go above and beyond for clients who use your services.  Get creative!
  3. Curate Content.  Remember that you don’t need to write all of the content yourself that you share with your Facebook followers, newsletter recipients, etc.  If you find something interesting and relevant, pass it on.
  4. Search Related Blogs for Ideas.  Subscribe to a number of mortgage-related blogs.  Oftentimes, inspiration can strike by reading what other people are blogging about.
  5. Success Stories.  Consider writing about recent successes.  People love interesting stories, particularly if they’re about how someone overcame a significant challenge.  Did you help someone with thousands of dollars in medical bills refinance their home so they could pay those bills off?  Think about using stories like these in your mortgage content marketing efforts.