Common sense would suggest that all writing is the same.  While that is true to some extent, it doesn’t take into account the impact that the medium should have on your writing style.  Quite simply, mortgage copywriting should be very different based on whether it will be used digitally or in print.  Below we identify some of the main differences between writing a sales letter and writing an email marketing message:

Headline. With a sales letter, you’ll mention a pain point, highlight how you can solve it, and conclude with a rousing call-to-action (CTA).  Because it can be difficult to get a recipient to read a sales letter, you’ll want to mention the problem in the headline so they’ll be more likely to read on.  

Email, on the other hand, similarly requires you to grab the attention of the user but it possesses unique challenges with spam filters and character limitations.  So, your headline should still be intriguing, but you’ll also want to keep it short (6-10 words) and avoid spammy words.

Tone. You’ll want to avoid business jargon and buzzwords digitally and in print.  However, that’s the only “rule” that is similar for both mediums.  Sales letters should be more formal in nature, whereas emails should have a more conversational tone.  Furthermore, your emails should be written in very simple language—the average Internet user reads at a high school level.    

Readability. With both mediums, you’ll want to enhance readability.  To do this in print, it’s suggested that you use a serif font, paragraphs of varying lengths (for visual interest), and include bullet points when listing items.  

In an email marketing message, you’ll want to keep your mortgage copywriting brief and to the point.  Most of your email recipients will be skimming the text.  That said, you’ll want to avoid the use of lengthy paragraphs, include lots of white space, and use subheaders.  A graphics-laden or busy looking email is not likely to convey the main points you wish to make.  

By keeping these main differences in mind when mortgage copywriting, you’ll create the most effective marketing message for the medium you select!