Boosting Your Search Engine Success with Title TagsIn the competitive world of mortgage brokering, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your website appears at the top of search engine results. While you could employ an SEO gun-for-hire, why not try this easy technique and see how it impacts your search engine results? Simply modify your title tags to see your website rise in the rankings.

Title tags refer to the description that displays at the top of your browser window when you visit a website. Although they’re often overlooked when people consider SEO, they can have a dramatic impact on search results; after content, title tags are the second most important element on a page when it comes to SEO.

For instance, try this test. Type in a search phrase in Google. Open the highest result (not the sponsored ones) and compare how closely your search phrase matches the title of the website. Typically you’ll find that there’s a great deal of overlap.

To improve your title tags, try these recommendations:

Use key words in the title tags. These are the words that a client would be most likely to use to search for your services. For example: Direct Mail, mortgage marketing, mortgage broker etc.

Include your location to improve the likelihood that you’ll reach your target audience.

Keep title tags to a maximum of 70 characters. Any longer than that and your content will be truncated and replaced with ellipses.

Keep important key words at the front of your title tag. Research shows that this is helpful for ranking.

Consider branding. If your brand is well-known, it’s not a bad idea to place your brand name at the beginning of your title tag. For lesser known brands, it’s recommended that you place it at the end because most people won’t be searching on your brand name; instead, they’ll search for the product or service that they need.

To get ideas for title tags, check out Google’s Keyword Planner which offers keyword ideas and gives you the amount of traffic that a given keyword generates.
Make your titles page-specific. For instance, the title tag for your Services page should be different than the title tag for your Contact Us page.
Go ahead and check out your website’s title tags. If you think they could be improved, give these tips a try to make your site rise in the search results.

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