Think of your direct mail campaign as a machine with many moving parts. All of the pieces need to be in sync and intact to power the machine. A faulty part can slow down the machine or even cause it to malfunction. Like machines, direct mail campaigns require that each part (the data list, offer, copy, graphics, etc.) works perfectly to perform their best.

Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail can be very powerful and transformative for businesses. It can be really frustrating when campaigns don’t flourish and drive sales as you had hoped. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint which part of your campaign is hindering the results. Today we’re discussing offers, specifically why some offers don’t yield responses and sales. Read on to see some common reasons why offers fall short and ways to fix them.

No Sense of Urgency

You need to put pressure on your mailer recipients to push them to become buyers. If the window of time to respond to your offer and make a purchase is too big, you won’t get sales. Many consumers are procrastinators by nature and may continue to put off responding. Additionally, if you give consumers too much time they may use it as an opportunity to shop around – which is the last thing you want.

The Fix: You need to create a sense of urgency by giving recipients a limited amount of time to respond. You’ll be surprised to see how much this increases your response and close rates.

Your Offer Isn’t Valuable

People won’t make purchases from your mailer if they think that the offer is a dud. There needs to be some added value that they’ll receive from responding and buying your products and/or service. For example, an auto dealership sending a mailer advertising $5 off tires probably wouldn’t see many sales. At most, a consumer would only save up to $20 which isn’t that exciting or valuable. However, a mailer offering 10% off tires or a free car wash with the purchase of tires adds value to a consumer’s life, making them more likely to respond to the mailer.

The Fix: Your offer should somehow improve a customer’s life or solve a problem. Like in the example above, 10% off solves the customer’s problem of making an expensive purchase by reducing the cost significantly. Similarly, a free car wash with purchase is beneficial to a customer because it gives them an additional service for free.

Your Offer Isn’t Relevant

A great offer is meaningless if it’s not relevant to the buyer. People’s needs vary throughout the year, and with a smart marketing plan, you can position yourself so that consumers always come to you all year long. People won’t buy something that they don’t need. Let’s go back to the example of the auto dealership. If an auto dealer wanted to promote snow tires, they would start marketing in the late fall or early winter when most people begin to think about winterizing their homes and cars. A mailer with a coupon for snow tires would entice consumers in December, but not in August when people aren’t in need of snow tires.

The Fix: Timing is crucial to reach consumers at the right time in the buying process. Schedule your direct mail campaigns strategically to match shopping habits. Consider what they need and when.

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