Direct Mail Campaign

We’ve already talked about the best practices you should employ for your direct mail campaigns, but we haven’t told you some of these little-known secrets that will help place you ahead of your competition.  Direct mail is one of the most popular and powerful advertising methods used by the many industry, which is why it’s important that your mailer stands out from the rest.  It can get competitive, which is why you should employ these strategies so that your mailer blows others out of the water.

  1. There’s a good chance that your mailer will be sitting in the mailbox with other postcards and letters.  Try using a bigger postcard or envelope to grab recipients’ attention.  If possible, try a postcard that’s a different shape from the standard rectangle. Differentiating your piece from the others will increase the chances that it gets read.

  2. Switch to a more targeted data list.  Prescreened data allows you to target prospects by credit score and credit type.  These data lists typically are updated weekly, making them extremely accurate.

  3. It’s a known fact that people love freebies.  You’ll delight your prospects by including a free gift with your mailer.  Even something as small and simple as a pen or keychain will excite your prospects and make them remember your company and refer your company to others.

  4. Try using trigger data for one of your campaigns.  With trigger data, your mailers get sent to people who are actively looking for your product or service.  This boosts response rates and drives direct mail sales.  While your competitors run the risk of reaching uninterested prospects, your trigger data campaign ensures you only reach “in play” consumers.

  5. Create a sense of urgency in your call to action.  Limited time offers, specials, and sales are more likely to generate responses and sales.  Giving your prospects too much time to respond means that they might forget to contact you or put off responding.