Tips for Generating More Mortgage Leads

It can be challenging to find qualified mortgage leads. What many loan officers don’t realize is that there are some surprisingly simple ways to find prospects. Today, we’re sharing some of the most effective ways to generate more qualified mortgage leads. Follow these tips and watch your business grow. Direct Mail Direct mail’s targeting capabilities [...]

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Effective Mortgage Marketing Strategies You Should be Practicing

Let’s face it - mortgage marketing isn’t always easy. Taking out a home loan isn’t a spur of the moment impulse buy. Since it’s such a big decision, people spend a considerable amount of time selecting the mortgage company they’ll work with. Improving your marketing strategy will bring you more business, but the key is [...]

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Three Compliance Problems in the Mortgage Origination Application

Recently, Quality Mortgage Services, a provider of mortgage banking and compliance solutions in the industry, conducted a quality control audit and review of thousands of loans. They began noticing reoccurring problems during the mortgage origination application process. Below are the top three compliance problems they found for 2012. Incomplete information on the initial 1003 Application. The problem being noticed [...]

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