Direct Mail MarketingWith any marketing initiative, there is value in being consistent—meaning not only trying to drum up business when times are tough, but also remaining in touch with your business contacts and potential leads during times of economic upswings. A consistent approach—one that is dedicated, focused, and determined—will serve your marketing efforts well. Additionally, once you’ve found an effective marketing message, you want to consistently promote that message across all of your media channels.

Marketing definitely portrays similarities to exercising. As with exercise, marketing needs to be done on a regular basis, shouldn’t be abandoned once you’ve started to see results, and isn’t a quick fix. In both endeavors, consistency is key.
Strong branding—that is repeated over time—is highly effective with consumers. To achieve the goal of direct mail marketing consistency, try these tips:

Don’t vary from your main brand message. After determining the message that you will use to appeal to your market, continue to use it in all of your promotional materials.

Use consistent color schemes and fonts in all of your marketing pieces.

Establish a voice and keep with it. Once you’ve written your marketing materials in a certain tone, continue to use it in all of your communications.
Communicate with your contacts on a regular basis. Whether you use a monthly newsletter or an email campaign, it’s important to maintain ongoing contact.
If you use a monthly newsletter—which is a great way of reaching potential leads—make sure that it is professional and distributed at the same time each month.
Keep with it. It isn’t enough to make a big marketing push just once and then rest on your laurels. Instead, strive to engage in continuous marketing efforts throughout the year.

Consistent experiences lead to a more positive interaction for your potential clients. Furthermore, consistency builds trusts, often resulting in new and repeat business.

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