Direct Mail Services

Even with the many advances in digital marketing, direct mail remains one of the best advertising methods. It continues to yield high response and sales rates and also attractive ROIs. If you’ve been using direct mail for a while now, you may think that you have it down pat. While there are some universal aspects of a successful campaign that will always be true (such as using a quality data list and utilizing targeting), there are some new trends that you should be aware of. To remain competitive and execute more effective campaigns, consider incorporating some of these trends that are sweeping the direct mail services industry.

In the past, advertisers wanted to use the flashiest ads and mailers to get consumers’ attention. Today that technique doesn’t work as well. Many brands across almost all industries are scaling back their designs for a more minimalistic look. Focusing on fewer images and graphics, using simpler fonts, or only using two colors in the color scheme are some ways to make mailers fit the minimalism trend. Your mailer recipients will appreciate the sleek and modern look and may even find your business more professional. You’ll be surprised to see how elegant and timeless your mailers look.

Go Big
Many direct mail marketers are increasing the sizes of their mailers. Why? So that they stand out from the rest of a recipient’s mail. Often small postcards and regular sized letters can get lost in the shuffle and end up in the recycling bin before they’re ever read. An oversized envelope or postcard will instantly grab recipients’ attention, thus making them more likely to read it.

Tell A Story
The most effective ads are the ones that tell a story. Consumers find them to be more engaging and more memorable compared to other ads. Your copy and graphics should complement each other to help illustrate the story and convey its meaning to your recipients. This is particularly effective because consumers don’t like reading big blocks of text and you’ll have the images to help support the message in the copy. As for the story you tell, that’s up to you. Some good examples are a success story from a past client, your company’s mission statement, or how your product/service works.

Branded Envelope
A plain white envelope (in a mailbox full of other plain white envelopes) is easy for people to ignore. Consider using branded envelopes to grab your mailer recipients’ attention as soon as they open their mailbox. You can try using your brand colors or logo on the envelope or some other relevant design.