automotive DataThe auto industry is a lucrative market, but that doesn’t mean that the process to make a sale is short or easy.  Consumers typically don’t buy cars as a spur of the moment decision.  For most people, purchasing a new car requires them to spend a considerable amount of time saving money and researching different makes and models.  These factors tell us that dealerships need to be very selective with the people they target for promoting their business.

Direct mail is an incredibly useful marketing tool because automotive data is extremely accurate and highly targeted.  It allows auto dealers to identify people most likely to become qualified prospects.  Automotive data’s accuracy is attributed to its sources.  It comes from multiple credit bureaus, which ensures that all of the information on the list is correct and up to date.  These data lists provide you with the necessary information to pinpoint your target audience.  You can target based on consumers’ current cars’ year, make, and model.  Many people who have been satisfied with their car choose to stick with the same auto company for their next purchase.  Knowing consumers’ car information can help you find people who currently drive cars of the same brand that you sell.  You also can select prescreened consumers.  The benefit of prescreened data is that you know that these people are actively car shopping, thus making them more likely to be interested in your offer.

Income is another useful attribute.  Dealerships selling luxury cars want to target a wealthier demographic, therefore would want to use income as a way to narrow their list down to people of a particular household income bracket.  Most people finance their cars.  Using credit score as an attribute is a great way to filter through your list so that you can market to the right people.  You may only want to send mailers to consumers with healthy credit scores so that you know they’re likely to be approved for a loan.  If your dealership specializes in selling cars to those with poor credit, this would be an effective way to target these people.

One of the most significant benefits of targeting is that it not only shows you the best people to market to, but it also eliminates unqualified contacts.  In addition to selecting attributes to target by, automotive data also has exclusion capabilities.  Utilizing this feature makes your final data list much stronger.  A targeted list yields higher response and sales rates as well as a better ROI.

Selling cars isn’t always easy, but direct mail certainly improves the process.  With automotive data, you can ensure that your mailer only goes to the most qualified people.  Interested in starting a direct mail campaign with auto data?  Contact us today to learn more.