Reverse Mortgage

Many mortgage companies don’t actively promote reverse mortgages because they think that it’s too hard to market to senior citizens. What they don’t realize is that as baby boomers are getting older, the pool of potential reverse mortgage candidates is growing. From a business standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to be ignoring such a significant consumer demographic. Why would you want to miss out on so many sales opportunities?!

It’s true that a majority of today’s most popular marketing channels such as social media, paid search, and email marketing aren’t suitable for seniors. Direct mail, however, which has consistently proven itself to be powerful, is the perfect way to advertise reverse mortgages. For most seniors’ lives, mail has been the primary (and sometimes only) way that important information was exchanged – bills, letters, bank statements, etc. Because of this, they’re likely to retrieve their mail daily and spend the time going through it. Direct mail is a highly effective way to reach seniors since you can count on them to read your mailer.

Additionally, direct mail is simple. Older seniors aren’t always very tech savvy and may struggle with using computers, smartphones, and the internet. With direct mail, they don’t need to click any buttons or find a website. All they have to do to learn about your company and offer is read the mailer you sent them. Seniors who struggle with technology aren’t going to spend the time trying to go to your website. You need to make it quick and easy for them to learn who you are and see what you’re offering, and a mailer allows you to do just that.

Direct mail makes reverse mortgage marketing easier than you can imagine. A reverse mortgage data list provides you with the best candidates who qualify for this type of loan. You can segment your data to target specific groups based on different attributes, such as age, length of residence, mortgage amount, and more. All of this helps you zero in on the right audience. Other marketing mediums don’t offer such precise targeting, which is why direct mail remains so commonly used today.

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