new homeowners listB2C companies have been using direct mail marketing for decades.  It’s proven to be one of the most effective types of advertising, which is why its stilled used today – and also why it will continue to be used year after year.  One of the direct mail’s greatest benefits is its targeting capabilities. The data lists allow you to focus in on your target audience of ideal customers. One of the most significant challenges in advertising is ensuring that your ads reach the right audience.  With direct mail, you’re able to do that easily since mailing list databases are so accurate.

New homeowners represent a demographic that has a lot of potentials.  The beauty of this audience is that a
new homeowners list can be used by a wide variety of industries because people in this demographic have unique needs.   Keep reading to learn more about why this is a lucrative audience and why you should tap into it.

New to the area
Consumers are creatures of habit, typically sticking with the brands and businesses they’re familiar with.  Since many new homeowners are new the area they’ve moved to, they haven’t already established their regular coffee shop, gym, dry cleaners, takeout restaurant, etc.  By marketing to these people, you have the chance to make your business their “go to”. Reach them early on before your competitors do to improve your odds.

Need services
When people buy a new home, they’re often in need of a variety of services.  Some people have to do a considerable amount of repair to their new house, which could mean they need plumbing, an electrician, contractor, and other home maintenance and improvement services.  Other home service companies such as lawn care, house cleaning, and security system businesses can benefit from marketing to this audience as well.

Need home goods
For many people, one of the most exciting parts of homeownership is decorating and designing.  Businesses selling furniture, bedding, art and decor can have success targeting these people. Interior designers, house painters, and window treatment and carpeting companies should also consider direct mail marketing to new homeowners, especially if they’re located in high-end areas.  Aside from decor related items, many people need to furnish their homes with appliances and electronics.

Need services and entertainment for kids
New homeowners with kids can be an especially lucrative market.  Parents new to an area are often in need of afterschool programs, youth sports, music lessons, and summer camps for their children.  Direct mail marketing to these people can also be a great way for daycares, childcare services, and private schools to increase their enrollments and revenue.  Additionally, it’s a great way for movie theaters, kid-friendly restaurants, kids clothing stores, and play centers (mini-golf, go-carting, etc.) to reach potential clients and expand their reach.